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Don’t tell your life story

Get to the point! That’s it.

Don’t waste everyone’s time with chit-chat - just get to the point and get out.


Sometimes we tend to say too much. Either because you think it would be helpful to explain how you got to the decision you are presenting or because you just like your voice - in either way it is usually a waste of time for everyone in the room.

If you talk about a specific task or project make sure you focus on this - don’t start with giving a general overview of what you are doing in your job. Everyone already knows! That’s why people showed up in the first place - because they know what you are doing and that you are the right person for this task/project /decision.

Don’t tell everyone how hard it was to get to the decision - you can tell this to everyone if you weren’t able to make a decision and even than people will still feel like you wasted their time.

So be positive, keep it short and give everyone else their time back!