Choose your battles

In your day to day operational work you will have many decisions to make and many battles to fight. Many times we can get emotionally involved and don’t act rational anymore just because we would like our point of view to prevail. Don’t step into this trap – you are at work, its business not personal! So make sure you choose your battles wisely – you don’t need to win every battle – you don’t even need to fight every battle.

Look at every decision, every possibly controversial topic and decide for yourself:

  • Is this a “must win” situation?
  • Could this be a “quick win”?
  • Is this an “easy win”?

If the situation fits any of these three scenarios you do want to fight and win – otherwise just step away and let someone else invest his time and effort.

A “must win” should be easy to spot for you. Any decision, any task, any project that is directly connected to your immediate success is a “must win” for you. Fight for these as hard a s possible with all your resources and influence but also make sure you can win (if you know from the onset you wont be able to win don’t get invested).

A “quick win” is usually a smaller project, decision or task that will help you being successful in the long run. It shows that you can be pragmatic by taking small steps to a bigger goal and will deter others from fighting with you over the long-term goal because you already have taking steps into that direction which where a success (no one ever argues with success).

An “easy win” you should always take. It doesn’t need much effort; you don’t really need to fight anyone for it and it will establish you as a successful influencer and winner type in your company.

Choose your battles! Fight to win! Step away if you know you wont be able to succeed – there will be another day. Don’t get emotionally invested!