This is crap!

Well, here we are. I said it – this is crap!

How many times a day do you hear this at work? How many times did your manager, your colleagues or your team members confront you with “This is crap!”?

If your organization is like mine, this has happened approximately ZERO times over the last 10 years and won’t happen any time in the near future either (with the noteworthy exception of one single manager, who frequently used the “Shit” version of this phrase and achieved surprisingly great results across his whole part of our organization).

I’ve seen this reluctance to truth many times and it really bothers me. Believe me; everyone knows when they see shit!

Everyone thinks to themselves, “This is shit!” but tries to evade this blatant criticism by saying “Hmmm, it looks pretty good already – why don’t you work another week on it and come back to me?” 

You know what is a lot more productive for everyone involved? I think you figured it out.

We have to encourage everyone we are working with to be blatantly honest! If something is great, call it great – if something is shit, call it shit!

There is no politically correct way of saying it without creating mixed messages or a huge loss in productivity. If you label something “ok”, and encourage your team members to tweak it a little bit more, you not only waste your own time, but also the valuable resources of your whole team. The end result will be: “ok shit”.

If you tell it like it is, you will have a positive influence on your team and the quality of whatever you are producing.