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Running your free book promotion - Part 1

If you have enrolled your book in KDP Select the biggest benefit for you might be the 5 free book promotion days during each 90 day period you have enrolled in KDP Select.

These five days give you the opportunity to give away your book for free. Yes, you have heard right. It is a great opportunity to do so – especially on Amazon (and that is also why they limit it to 5 days every 3 month). The rankings you gain through this free exposure will remain after the free period ended. Also, your book will show up in the “People who bought this, also bought” lists – this is one of your best selling tools giving your book the chance of widespread exposure and free marketing.

So how should you plan your free days?

First of all you can decide for how many days you want to run your promotion (you can split the five days any way you want to). My experience so far has been that one day promotions usually did not work that well for me – doing all the marketing myself it takes a while to pick up momentum. I usually run 2-3 day promotions. Next decision is what weekdays to choose. I definitely prefer the weekends – Friday to Sunday or Saturday to Sunday seem to work best. Of course these are also the days were most books get sold, this might limit your potential income on those days, but I believe it is worth it getting your book out there and getting it into the hand of readers and potential reviewers (reviews are important, not just to better yourself but also for promotion and marketing).

(I had some feedback that for promotion you should not use the first of the month, as this tends to be a day when many promotions run. I have no evidence yet to be sure about this, but I will run my next promotion over the first of September and will share the results afterwards.)

This is how this looks like on the Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing site – here I have planned a 3 day promotion for the first weekend of September.

(By the way – this promotion was for my son’s book “Into the light” – a fun sci-fi story for kids 8-14. Go here to download it for just $0.99 and please leave a review, every author appreciates feedback on his work!)

After planning your promotion days, you can check in the Promotions Manager if everything is the way you wanted it. Promotions Manager will show you all recent and upcoming promotions and the free days you have left. As long as the promotion has not started yet you can make changes or delete the promotion.