As a manager you have to have a clear vision of your life, your work and what you want to achieve. Anyone can follow a plan, many can be very efficient in following a plan but only a leader is able to have the vision that transforms into the plan that others follow.

Being visionary means being creative, think outside the box, try to see the future and how you want to bend it. Don’t be afraid of people telling you “You are too visionary!”

Just because others can’t see yet how to get to what you envision doesn’t mean it is not feasible or wrong.

Being a visionary in your job means for once to leave all the rules and restrictions of the modern workplace behind, it means to come up with the idea on how to transform your business, your department and your work to reach a better state that for now only exists in your vision.

Often this is confused with mission statements or company strategies that get so washed down that they have lost all meaning. My favorite mission statement from one of the companies I have worked for was: “We will provide the best possible service to our customer!” Really? This is not a mission statement or a strategy, this is a given!

Your vision or your company’s vision is looking ahead, trying to define what your job or your company should be like in the future. You should constantly define this for all areas of your work and challenge your team to work towards this vision. If you do activities that do not support your vision question yourself – are you doing something superfluous or is your vision not valid anymore? Don’t hang on to yesterday’s vision if it is not current anymore – be creative and come up with a better one.

To be visionary will set you apart as a manager. You will be able to anticipate where your company is going and you will be in the prime position to move your team, your job and your company towards this vision. Being a visionary will make you more important than your actual status in the company hierarchy – you will shape the success of your company!


JoeLeadership, VisionComment