Hot New Releases on Amazon

As I have just hit the Hot New Releases List in my Category for “The Ten Rules of Efficiency” for the first time I thought I do some research on the topic.

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Looking around the obvious places (KDP support, Goodreads, etc.) it seems that the general understanding is that you have to have a specific amount of sales in a specific amount of time to get listed in the Hot New Release section and you have to be new (obviously).

So how did I get into that spot? Well, first of all you need to pick the best category for your book. If you are in a generic category like “Management” your competition is very high – on the other hand “Time Management” is a lot more specific and the amount of new books is more limited – therefore my chances of getting into the list are much better.


When I released my book I started a “free” campaign for three days immediately and had over 1000 downloads. The book carried the momentum and slowly afterwards the sales started to pick up. After one week I hit the “Hot New Releases” spot.

So it seems there is no secret sauce, just sales and a little bit of planning (Category, Promotions).

What happened since I have been in the spot? Well, Sales picked up considerably. It’s a sweet spot to be in and probably one of the best Sales driving advertisements on Amazon. Unfortunately it is not something you can plan or bank on.