How to write very efficient email replies

I am still working on my next book on how to manage the constant overload of information in todays business world - specifically email. 

Trying to manage my Inbox and living by the Zero Inbox method I noticed something interesting. If you write email from your Smartphone people will not mind typos, short answers and informalities. Then why do I need to worry about these things when I am working on my Laptop?

I decided to not waste any more time with these formalities by pretending to be always on my Smartphone answering emails from there. How do i do that? I just use the same Signature on my Laptop as I do on my Smartphone “Send from my iPhone”. The result is that I spend less time answering emails and people are not annoyed by my short and sometimes informal answers.

I get more work done, answer emails faster - it’s a Win-Win situation. Try it for yourself.

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