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Running your free book promotion - Part 3

What to expect during your free promotion

Don’t be disappointed if your promotion starts slow or nobody is downloading your book. You should enter this with a realistic number in your head.

My first promotion that I ran brought me over 250 downloads – from my point of view that was a huge success. However, if compared to the stories of tens of thousands of downloads that other authors report, 250 is a very small number.

Be patient – word has to get out. The biggest pickup I have seen happens on the first night of my promotions. The second day is usually slower and the third day only sees small numbers of downloads (by then everyone who had bookmarked your book for download beforehand has gotten a copy).

Also the market for your book might be smaller than you estimated. “Rise to the top” – my book on management and leadership certainly attracts less downloads than the many novels out there. It is just written for a much smaller audience (even though it is applicable to everyone who wants to improve their career and their life – but many people rather download another “Vampire novel”).