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Running your free book promotion – Part 4

The day after

Last weekend I ran a 3 day promotion for my son’s book “Into the light”. I used this to try out some of my tips described in Part 2 and 3 and to measure the results and compare with earlier promotions that I ran.

First of all – the promotion was a huge success. With the listings I had done beforehand on all the “free book” blogs, the book made it to #803 in the Amazon bestseller ranks on Friday evening and staid around 800 until Sunday morning when it slowly started to go down in rankings.

In its category of Sci-Fi Adventure it went up to #12.

During this time the book was featured on several blogs:—-Book-One/Childrens-Fiction/

However, the day after first of all is usually a little bit of a shock. The ranking goes back up to the 400.000 and the question remains – will anyone buy the book now that is not free anymore.

From earlier promotion I know that sales will pick up because of the promotion, just how much is hard to say.

But there are a few things that can be learned:

1.      The 1st. of the month had no measurable impact – the sales curve was exactly as on earlier promotions

2.      The sales curve goes down considerably on day two and again on day 3 (this has been the case with all promotions I ran so far)

3.      There is basically no interest outside the US

4.      Friday seems to be a good day for a free book promotion – the initial sales were much higher than on my Saturday or Sunday promotions.

I will follow this promotion with another free eBook for Kindle promotion for my book “Rise to the top!” in 2 weeks. This will clearly show what the difference between month beginning and middle is (if measurable in any way).