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Do that other thing

So you have finished that most annoying thing. Good for you! Now do that other thing. 

What is the other thing?

Very simple, this is the one other task on your task list (see also: “Always work from a list”) that if done immediately helps your manager the most.

Not yourself – at least not directly - but your manager!

It is important to identify this task as it helps you to achieve many things:

1. Your manager will see you as someone who prioritizes correctly (at least from his point of view).

2. Your manager sees you as someone who supports him in getting projects done quickly and efficiently. He will recognize that you can perform without much supervision, constant reminding or those awkward moments of: “Did you ever get around to …”

3. You will also establish yourself as your manager‘s “Go-to guy”.  This is important as you will over time receive the most important projects from him or her as their goal is to get things done (Remember your managers’ are also just looking to be efficient).

4. You gain trust from your manager, which will be beneficial to you many times not only in your direct relationship with each other, but also when he or she or yourself move on to other things.

Now you have finished your most annoying task (that feels good, doesn’t it?) and you have completed the most important task for your manager (so he also feels good as he has gotten important work done as well).  

This is the best start of any work day, everything else will be easy (and on top of that you just motivated yourself!).