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You don’t need more time – you just need to decide!

“You don’t need more time, you just need to decide!” (Seth Godin)

You always have to remember, you are a manager!

You are the one who gets paid to lead your team and make decisions! Even if you “manage” only one – yourself! The only reason we have Leaders in organizations is because we need someone to make decisions.

Decisions have to be made, and to make them you do not need more time.  Just decide!

Trust your gut feeling, trust your facts, trust your people - but never wait.

Every decision postponed poisons your organization. Projects will lose momentum; critical situations get out of control, people get frustrated and in the worst scenario: someone else will make the decision for you.

You will never have all the data needed to be completely sure that your decision will be right. Decisions are about what happens in the future and you will never be able to know the future. You know the statistics from the past, facts that held true in the past. But, face it; you have nothing that will ensure that your decision will be the right one. Don’t hesitate, hoping for a clear signal. You are wasting time and possibly foregoing wonderful business opportunities in the process.

Even more importantly, putting decision making off undermines your position as a leader. People who looked up to you, who followed you because of what you represented, will begin to question your leadership ability.

We need leaders. We do not want to make all the hard decisions ourselves – this is true in our personal lives as well as our work lives.

Make sure you are that leader and don’t volunteer to give up your authority by being indecisive.

So make sure that you keep focused on the decision, base it on the facts you have, the people you trust and – in the end – your gut-feeling – and then go through with it.