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Great Book

5 Star Review from for “Rise to the Top!” -

This book is a must read for self development. I’ve read other management and self development books that just complicate simple ideas, not the case with this one. You cantell from the first page, that the author talks from own experience. The rules and ideas are clearly presented and it is easy to read.

In fact, it is useful not only at the management level, but also as an employee or also in personal life. Just a book for re-reading from time to time.

Great Ressource!

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In the self-help genre, Rise to the Top! stands apart. It is a clear representation of a body of work that is tailored to help people meet their goals and reach any level of success they can conjure. Anyone who has reached that level of life can vouch for what is in this book.

The author, Joerg Meier, writes from a place of incredible expertise and know-how. He has the insight to really bring his readers to a new level of understanding. Just skimming the book gives you the right idea of where this will lead you. It is well-written, intelligently composed, and has the ability to make a profound impact on anyone’s professional life. Everything is practical, tried-and-true, and will teach you to walk the walk of a successful person. It really is mind over matter, then the rest will follow! Great resource!

Practical advice for everyone!

5 Star Review from for “Rise to the Top!” -

“Rise to the top” is a book about how to be successful, efficient and confident in your job. While the author’s target audience appears to be managers there is plenty of no-nonsense-common-sense advice and ideas for everyone - no matter you current role or place within your organisation.

Having read a lot of management books, I am always looking for new ideas on how to do my job better. As expected, many of the ideas and techniques have been covered before (there are only so many proven ways one can improve one’s efficiency and approach to work). However, I was pleased to find many interesting ideas, which were new to me, and which I actually wanted to try out at work.

The chapters: “Do the most annoying thing first - every day!” and “Do one more thing!” was a real inspiration.

One minor complaint is that you can’t jump to the Table of Content. It does not appear to have been bookmarked correctly at the time of publication. This is however, a small point.

In summary, a well written, easy to read publication, full of practical work-related advice for everyone.

Super Helpful!

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As a manager in charge of a team of 18 I always look for different ways to improve my skills but also to evolve as a professional. Joerg Meier’s ‘Rise to the Top!’ is a simple yet super helpful book. Everything is explained in an easy, step-by-step way and there’s no nonsense or over complicating things. To summarize it I’d say - it is the ultimate success guide. If you are a professional that is seeking to improve his/her’s life and career, you simply need to have this book! 5 Stars.

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Excellent Book!

(Rise to the Top!)

In this fast-pace cut-throat society, you must create your competitive advantage in order to survive and thrive. This book gives you such an edge. Very precise and very practical.