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This didn’t make it into the book

But I think it is a valid point – think about it!

Real Artists ship!

(Steve Jobs)

Don’t get caught in an endless loop of discussions and reiterations when it comes to creating a service or a product! Be organized, set a schedule and stick to it.

Don’t accept it if milestones are postponed again and again. A good product is only a good product if your customers can actually use it.

An excellent product released too late can turn out to be a complete disaster!

Make sure that the schedule, your project plan, is well known to everyone involved. You don’t need continuous meetings to remember everyone of the schedule – once signed off by the team it must be clear that everyone has to stick to it.

During the creation of the project plan include the necessary stakeholders and ensure their approval as well as their support if needed. Based on this communicate the plan and the vision of the resulting product or service and manage the expectations regarding the product or service.

An excellent product, which does not match customers’ expectations, can turn out to be another complete disaster!

It must be clear to everyone involved that postponement or change of features is not acceptable (see also: Promise only what you can deliver). Once promised to be shipped you have to ship, another week or month (depending on the size of your project) won’t make a difference.

(The Steve Jobs quote refers to the release of the original Macintosh computer in 1984 – the creative team wanted to postpone the ship date again to be sure that they got every detail perfect – Steve Jobs insisted on the communicated ship date with the notion that another couple of weeks won’t make a difference to the product.)