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Excellent Book!

(Rise to the Top!)

In this fast-pace cut-throat society, you must create your competitive advantage in order to survive and thrive. This book gives you such an edge. Very precise and very practical.

Rise to the Top!

(Rise To The Top!)

Engaging and relevant. Easy read with useful reminders. You won’t find any new ideas in the book, however you will find great reminders and practical applications.

ReviewJoeReview, Rise to the top!
A basic guide to management and leadership

(Rise To The Top!)

This book is not very long but is full of good advice. It details mostly on how to effectively manage a place of business. The core behind this book is that to effectively manage you must first lead. Also it details how to motivate people and that a good manager takes responsibility for his and those under him actions. All in all I found this to be a good book with advice that anyone can use in their personal and career lives. I recommend giving this a try. At only 99pages it can be read in an afternoon.

ReviewJoeReview, Rise to the top!
Super Great!

This book helped me a lot for my job promotion. Just before interview my project lead position, I read it the whole book and some of the words I even remember by my heart. Again in my interview day, I used those words very well and all my bosses have a lot of impression on me.

Very useful!

Everything written in this book, is simple ,useful and very efficient. You can just use the concepts in your daily work and you will really see the difference almost immediately .

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